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Yoli Partners with the Odyssey House of Utah

Yoli is partnering with the Odyssey House of Utah to upgrade its therapeutic facilities and to provide tools and skills necessary to develop productive lives in the community. For nearly 40 years, Odyssey House of Utah has been providing substance abuse services to help people heal and overcome the pain and suffering caused by drug [...]

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FUN Alkalete™ Capsules Prelaunch Promotion + Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Offer Now Live!

The FUN never ends around here. On last night's Grow your Life webinar, we made two incredible announcements. First, FUN Alkalete™ Capsules with 100% patented Alkalete is now available for pre-launch purchases. Next, we launched a sizzling hot Buy 1 Get 1 FREE promotion. If you thought the FREE Friends and Family promotion was hot, just [...]

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Yoli Drink Comparison Chart Now Available!

We are excited to share that the much anticipated Yoli Drink Comparison Chart is now available! Now you can easily communicate the huge advantages drinking Yoli has over other liquid beverages both quickly and duplicably, with your prospects and customers. Download the chart today and start sharing it everywhere including Facebook, Twitter and your contact [...]

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Yoli USA Tour: 4 Founders, 14 Major Cities, FUN Active Blast!

Brace yourself. Yoli's USA Tour starts this Monday in Cherry Hill, NJ, and continues with a total of 14 cities throughout the country:  Cherry Hill (2/15), Raleigh Durham (2/16), Jacksonville, FL (2/17), Orlando (2/18), Ft. Lauderdale (2/20), Atlanta (2/21), Houston (2/22), Seattle (2/19), Portland (2/20), Los Angeles (2/22), San Diego (2/23), San Francisco (2/24), Las [...]

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Happy Healthy New Year & Decade!

With 2009 behind us, today we celebrate the arrival of a brand new decade. I would first like to wish everyone a decade of love, peace, joy, growth and prosperity. The last ten years have been eye opening for all of us and I think it is safe to say we are all ready to [...]

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