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One of the driving forces behind Yoli’s success is our incredible leadership. Each one of our Founders uses their unique experience and expertise to make our mission of transforming lives a reality.

Read on to learn more about our leaders!

Meet The Founders

Robby Fender – Founder, President and CEO


Robby Fender’s unmatched enthusiasm, winning personality, and million-dollar smile make him one of the most recognizable and well-liked CEOs in the industry. Robby’s success as both an entrepreneur and CEO gives him a rare insight into multiple areas of business, and his dedication to transforming lives is the driving force of our company.

Corey Citron – Founder, Chief Marketing Officer


As Yoli’s Chief Marketing Officer, Corey Citron uses his marketing prowess and extensive communication skills to give Yoli an advantage over the competition. Corey studied Economics at Stanford, and his knowledge and experience make him an invaluable asset as Yoli continues to innovate and evolve as a company.

Daren Falter – Founder, Executive Vice President


As a best-selling author and consultant, Daren Falter offers Yoli a wealth of knowledge and experience. Daren’s twenty-year career as a business consultant, with a focus on helping companies with the start-up process, gives him a unique understanding of the needs of both new and established companies.

Bobby Jones – Founder, Executive Vice President of Strategy


Bobby Jones’s wide range of expertise has benefitted Yoli at every stage of its growth. As Executive VP of Strategy, Bobby oversees strategic business planning and new growth opportunities. With a degree in Arts and Business from the University of Houston, Bobby brings a unique and creative viewpoint to Yoli.

Michael Prichard – Founder, Chief International Officer


Michael Prichard’s sense of adventure and passion for embracing new cultures make him an ideal Chief International Officer. As a seasoned traveler and the founder of thirteen successful companies, Michael gives Yoli a unique advantage in international business.